Xingu Advertising creates an impressive Brand Store for ZTE with customised features.

ZTE, a global telecommunications equipment and systems provider, approached Xingu to help enhance their Amazon brand presence. Our team of experts went to work, creating a comprehensive branding strategy that would showcase ZTE’s products in the best light possible.

We started by creating a beautiful and eye-catching brand store that effectively communicated ZTE’s brand values and products. Our team of designers used high-resolution images and graphics to highlight the key features of each product and make them stand out from the competition. Additionally, our copywriters crafted compelling product descriptions that captured the essence of ZTE’s brand and what their products offered. To further boost ZTE’s brand visibility, we also developed a range of enhanced content, including Amazon A + pages. These pages provided customers with a more in-depth look at ZTE’s products, including detailed product specifications, images, and videos.

As a result of our efforts, ZTE has seen a significant increase in brand awareness and sales on Amazon. Customers are now able to easily find and purchase ZTE’s products, and their brand has become more recognisable and memorable to Amazon shoppers. We are proud to have worked with ZTE and are confident that their brand will continue to grow and succeed on Amazon. With Xingu’s expert content and design services, Amazon and branding can go hand in hand.


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