healthspan CASE STUDY

Xingu balances the benefits of Sponsored Ads and DSP to create the most efficient campaign setup possible.

At Xingu, we take pride in our ability to drive success for our clients. One such example is our work with Healthspan, a leading provider of health and wellness products. We were able to help Healthspan increase their advertising performance and tackle new markets through a combination of Amazon DSP and Sponsored Ads campaigns.

Our team utilised data-driven insights and advanced targeting strategies to optimise Healthspan’s advertising efforts. By utilising Amazon DSP, we were able to reach a highly-engaged audience with targeted display advertising. This helped increase brand awareness and drive more sales for Healthspan. In addition to Amazon DSP, we also utilised Sponsored Ads campaigns to increase visibility and drive sales. Our team carefully crafted ad copy and utilised effective product images to drive engagement and conversions.

Through these efforts, Healthspan was able to increase their advertising performance and tackle new markets with confidence. At Xingu, we are dedicated to helping our clients succeed. By utilising the latest technology and data-driven insights, we are able to drive real results for our clients and help them reach their goals.


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