Xingu increases sales through tailored Sponsored Ads Setup. At Xingu, we are proud to be a leading Amazon agency, specialising in advertising, content, and analytics.

Our goal is to help our clients achieve their advertising objectives and maximise their ROAS on Amazon. One of our most recent projects was working with Huawei to improve their Sponsored Ads performance in France, by setting up various test and learn scenarios to determine the ideal campaign structure for their always-on approach. Our team conducted thorough experimentation and data analysis to determine the strategies that were working and identify areas that needed improvement.

To ensure smooth and efficient communication, Xingu uses WeChat to communicate with our client Huawei in real-time. This enabled us to quickly respond to changing situations and optimise Huawei’s campaigns in real-time during Amazon sales events like Prime Day.

Overall, our collaboration with Huawei was a remarkable success. We helped significantly improve the performance of campaigns that closely matched the customer’s products. If you need a partner to help you achieve your advertising goals on Amazon, look no further than Xingu.

“A reliable partner with efficiency, preciseness and agility, which suits our daily business very well!”

Yingyan Cao
Channel Marketing Manager


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